I am not talking about a space where emotions have dipped below the positive realm but instead, I am talking about the negative space in the design of signage. It may have been a while since your last art appreciation class but here is a quick review. Negative space is the area around and within the letterforms, illustrations, and decoration, extending out to the edge of the image, sign, canvas. The primary function of negative space is to highlight the positive space.

Negative space may be a bit abstract but as you take in the following examples, you will start to notice the significance of it in all design.

You may have already seen these classic examples of vases focused on both negative and positive space.

If you look closely at the vases, you will start to see not only the vases in positive space, but if you look at the negative space you will see two faces.
The smaller image is easier to make out the faces, while the larger, but constrained image by our framing, is more difficult to see the faces. This is because the negative space is competing for prominence in an induced format forced to cause visual conflict.

The visual effect is but one example of graphic design, perhaps gone wrong. If the designer is not aware of the negative space and its role in highlighting the positive space, the maximum impact of your signage may not be attained. The sign designers at Innovative Sign Systems understand their craft and the use of negative space and make use of it to achieve the best custom sign for their clients.